Final Projects – Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey`s logo inverse

This particular project with the Hershey’s Kisses was the first one I got to see and it actually caught me off guard because I was in the middle of a rehearsal with my group and saw them bringing out a little grill with bags of food items. I just had to stick around and see what they were making because I did not look at the final project sheet to even know there were performances going on today. Once they told me that smores were being made and it brightened up the rest of my day because that’s one of my favorites. If there’s one thing you cannot go wrong with it it’s smores and if you do have a problem with it then that is what we call a tragedy. Anyway, this project’s intended goal was to just have people gather around as they walk past the bell tower, and as I stayed with some of my group members talking about life, more people definitely showed and you got to have random conversations that were hilarious.  This had me realize that in life you will have moments like these, even when you’re having a bad day it will maybe help you keep your head up and put a smile on your face because nothing is wrong with that is there?


Final Projects – Dream Chasers


For this final project I witnessed Team Dreamchasers which was located at the SAC and this one was quite simple but unique in my opinion because it made me pause for a second and realize what were my goals in life . This gave you the idea of what I had to keep doing in order to get there and to relieve come finals week stress. At first, I honestly forgot how to make a paper airplane because I remember I was terrible at making them in grade school but someone seemed to help a guy out. Well, way before that as we got the piece of paper I had to think about what exactly I wanted to write down because I didn’t want it to be anything stupidly. Once it came to mind my writing just flowed into the paper (don’t want to reveal what I wrote) and lets just say there definitely has been a lot of stress lately. I can tell you one thing and that is I threw that paper down to the sac floor it felt good to just walk away and let it stay there. This whole project reminded me of one random thing that also helps me relieve stress and always gets me back to on track to pursue my goals and that is running. Once you keep running, there is a certain motivation you just feel and helps me keep the eyes on the prize!


Film Festival – After Kony: Staging Hope


Honestly, I’m not trying to be one of those people to just write a regular review of this film but a documentary like this should be seriously recommended to watch. As I attended the film screening of the famous Melissa Fitzgerald, I did not expect something so moving to know the “real” story of these fellow Uganda people.  As I started watching this film, I noticed how passionate Melissa and her co-workers were about going through with this and did not hesitate to let these Uganda children speak their mind by using theater. I could not stay for the whole screening, however, you know I just had to finish it on Netflix to see the process and the accomplishments that were made.

The smiles on these children’s faces were amazing, especially the time where Melissa and her crew sang the famous American folk song “Hokey Pokey,” which had them in much laughter. The whole concept of Drama was the importance of the camp as many of the kids saw this term as peace and reconciliation in order to help the area change. There is a sense of fear of the public within these children and they feel like they cannot return to their homeland because the control of the L.R.A. They are still wondering why they don’t want to fight the government but instead mistreat the civilian.


This play that they planned to perform to one of the villages was portraying the concept of HIV Aids and how to help the youth avoid it. Also, they wanted to teach them that fear not an option and their generation relies on the growth of the community. My favorite person throughout this film had to be Scovia as she was the most intrigued throughout everything she did and when the time came to speak the truth she pulled it out with no problem. Nonetheless, everyone’s voices of the Uganda people spoke and the community listened. This whole situation typically reminded of my Haitian culture and having somewhat of a comparison towards what they had to go through after the horrific earthquake a couple years ago. They may not have went through the same exact thing, but there was that similar fear as well in which my own family members down in Haiti were distraught.